Distribution Plan

We will do everything possible to maximize distribution and availability of the film. Among the ideas under consideration at this time are:

  • The film will be made available at no cost to Morgan clubs nationally and internationally as an educational tool to promote the breed, celebrate the Morgan horse, attract new members and raise funds for the club.
  • As part of a teaching module the film and lesson plan will be available as a tool for elementary school teachers to offer young people a fun, fresh perspective on American history.
  • The film will be formatted for cable television airplay, initially in a half hour format and, ultimately, to develop support for an expanded hour long version for national exposure through PBS, History Channel, Learning Channel, and other national,  broadcast organizations.
  • Enter the half hour film for viewing in national film festivals.
  • To be made available for viewing on equine video channels.
  • As the centerpiece for an internet website where the Morgan community can add their videos and evolve a Morgan focused site for raising awareness of the Morgan breed.