“Your film to document the story of the Morgan horse is a most interesting project. Please know how excited and grateful I am to you, as I’m sure my grandfather would be! Our incredible American history and a beautiful American horse…what a beautiful ride we have to look forward to. Three cheers to you.” Roberta W. Knight

“As a lover and owner of Morgan horses, I was so pleased when my cousin Eileen Rockefeller-Growald let me know about this documentary. Since the days of John D. Rockefeller quite a few members of our family have owned and appreciated them. Morgans performed many diverse roles in American history. This film, in celebrating their numerous contributions, will focus deserved attention on America’s original, still surviving breed.”
Carol Lyden

“The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club is proud to endorse this documentary film. The history of the Morgan Horse is an intergral part of the history of America, and the story of the Morgan deserves to be told.”
The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club

“The Morgan breeders’ community is thrilled at the prospect of a documentary film telling of the
history and versatility of the Morgan horse, the father of America’s light horse breed.”
Martha DuPont,
former breeder and owner. Life member and former board member of The American
Morgan Horse Association

“Hip-hip-hooray on a very most excellent vision of this marvelous film!!”
Conky Price, Judge, Grand National

“I endorse the creation of this Morgan Documentary.” Margaret Gardiner, Morgan Breeder

“This is a story that has long needed telling, and in this documentary Doug Lazarus and Steve Murphy  are going to get it done right.”Gail Perlee, Morgan historian

“Vermonters are proud of our State Animal; a film about the Morgan Horse would ensure that future generations of Vermonters, as well as others, can forever appreciate this special breed.
(former) Vermont Governor Jim Douglas

“This promises to be the documentary we have all been waiting for.”
Mary Jean Vasiloff, Morgan Breeder

“I have had the privilege to provide assistance with the research for this grassroots project. A  documentary depicting the role of the Morgan horse in our history is long overdue.”
Betsy Curler, Morgan Historian

“I am with you all the way on this!!!”
Jeanne Mellin Herrick, Artist for the Morgan Breed

“As a Morgan military historian and Morgan owner I have consulted closely in the project’s development. I look forward to assist in bringing the documentary to completion.”
Christian J. Heidorf, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.)