Project Overview

Justin MorganWhile the Morgan horse holds the position of being America’s first native breed, no documentary film, as of yet, exists that chronicles its remarkable story. Creating such a documentary will provide a tool to celebrate the Morgan and to educate the public to its significant contribution to America’s history.

Producing historical documentaries is often a race against time. That reality rings particularly true in the case of this project. Currently, there are a number of venerable Morgan horse enthusiasts, both highly knowledgeable and getting upwards in years, who offer valuable insights and perspectives. Should this wealth of information not be documented very soon, it will be lost forever.

Pony Express

The Pony Express

The Morgan’s involvement in our history is so pervasive that its story parallels the building of America. It was the breed of choice of the U.S. Cavalry and was used as such in all its wars until World War I. Lincoln had Morgans as his carriage horses. Grant rode a Morgan, as did Stonewall Jackson. Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan Hill on his Morgan and the only survivor at Custer’s Last Stand was also a Morgan. It was Black Jack , another Morgan, that was picked for the riderless horse at Kennedy’s funeral procession. Equine therapy was begun with Morgan horses to assist Vietnam veterans . Out West they still are used to patrol National Parks and to work ranches. Since its inception in 1789, every epoch of America’s history finds Morgans there. No other breed can claim that distinction.

General Sheridan and Rienzi

General Sheridan and Rienzi during the Civil War

Our film will bring that fact to light, presenting the Morgan’s strengths and versatility and how the breed helped create and defend a great nation. The opportunity here is to tell the story of America from a perspective that presents our history in a surprising new way.