The Fighting Breed: Heroic Horses of the Civil War

The Fighting Breed

Two years in the making, this video “The Fighting Breed” tells of the accomplishments and tribulations of the Morgan horse in the Civil War. View the trailer below.

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  • Doug Lazarus
  • Steve Murphy
  • Brenda Tippin
  • Gail Perlee
  • Elizabeth Curler
  • Ina M. Ish
  • Christian J. Heidorf
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  • Carol Lyden
  • The Cornerstone Morgan Horse Club
  • Margaret Gardiner
  • Conky Price
  • Martha DuPont
  • Gail Perlee
  • Mary Jean Vasiloff
  • Governor Jim Douglas
  • Betsy Curler
  • Jeanne Mellin Herrick
  • Christian J. Heidorf